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Orunmila Cotton Tote

Orunmila Cotton Tote

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Orunmila Cotton Tote

Introducing the Orisa Orunmila Cotton Tote, a timeless fusion of tradition and contemporary style. Inspired by the revered deity of wisdom, Orunmila, this tote embodies the essence of knowledge and guidance.

Crafted from premium cotton, this tote boasts durability and sustainability, making it a conscientious choice for your everyday carry. The intricate design pays homage to Orunmila's revered status in Yoruba mythology, featuring symbolic motifs intricately woven into the fabric.

With its spacious interior and reinforced stitching, this tote is as functional as it is fashionable, effortlessly accommodating your essentials while on the go. Whether you're heading to the market, library, or a spiritual gathering, the Orisa Orunmila Cotton Tote is your trusted companion, symbolizing wisdom and foresight every step of the way.

Embrace the spirit of Orunmila and elevate your style with this exquisite cotton tote, a testament to the rich cultural heritage and timeless wisdom of the Yoruba tradition. Carry it proudly and let its presence inspire your journey towards enlightenment and understanding.

.: Vibrant color options
.: Extra light fabric 
.: One size

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