In Ifá belief, Orúnmìlà is known for his wisdom and his ability to guide individuals through difficult times. One of the key principles that Orunmila emphasizes is the importance of perseverance, which he views as a critical component of success and personal growth.

Orúnmìlà's  is a powerful messenger that encourages individuals to stay committed to their goals and to overcome obstacles through hard work and determination. 

Orunmila's name carries the profound meaning of "heaven bearing witness to our salvation." During the creation of humanity, Orunmila played a pivotal role as the eternal observer. Indeed, he bore witness to the genesis of not only humans but also the entire cosmos. Orunmila possesses unparalleled insight into the destinies of all beings.

It is said that he traversed the celestial realms, journeying from the expanse of heaven, beyond the stars and constellations, to the earthly plane. There, he offered guidance and counsel to both mortals and divine beings, aiding them in resolving their myriad challenges. Orunmila is revered under the titles of "Eleri Ipin," signifying the ever-watchful witness of fate, and "Ibikeji Olodumare," acknowledging his esteemed position as second in command to the Divine.

According to the Ifa system, it is humanity that transforms into Orisa. When we adhere to our predetermined path and engage in virtuous deeds during our earthly existence, we leave an indelible mark. Upon transitioning to the spiritual realm, we are revered as ancestors and eventually ascend to the status of Orisa.

Orunmila, the custodian of life's narratives, meticulously records past and present events in what we call the Odu Ifa archives. Within each Odu Ifa file lie countless tales, chronicling the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of our ancient forebears. Orunmila bears the responsibility of codifying these experiences for future generations. His mission is to amalgamate the wisdom of yesteryears with the present, offering humanity the prospect of a brighter future.

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