Who are the Orishas

The orishas serve as the messengers of Olodumare, the Almighty God.
They wield dominion over the elements of nature and the pursuits of
humanity. Their identities are distinguished and acknowledged by
distinct numbers and colors, which serve as their symbols.
Additionally, each orisha holds preferences for specific foods and
offerings, reflective of their individual inclinations. Through this
ritual, we present our offerings in the manner they have long been
accustomed to, fostering recognition and soliciting their assistance.

To comprehend the orishas, one can gain insight by observing their
influence over natural phenomena. Consider Oshún and her progeny,
whose characteristics mirror the rivers and streams she governs.
Notice her unique path as she journeys towards her sibling, Yemayá,
the Sea. The babbling brook and sudden floods mirror her mercurial
temperament. Through witnessing the orishas' manifestations in the
world and our personal experiences, we can deepen our comprehension of
their nature and conduct. Although intricate, they are no more complex
than any other living entity, such as ourselves. The practice also
provides us with occasional blessings, granting us the chance to
encounter the orishas directly in ceremonies known as bembés, where
one or more of their priests may become vessels for their presence.
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