Who is Ajé?

Who is Ajé?


Ajé is a Yoruba deity that is associated with wealth, prosperity, and commerce. In Yoruba mythology, Ajé is often depicted as a female deity who has the power to bestow wealth and prosperity on those who honor her.

The word "Ajé" itself means "money" or "wealth" in the Yoruba language, and the deity is often referred to as "Ajé Shaluga" or "Ajé Saluga", which means "the deity of wealth and prosperity".


Ajé is believed to have the power to control the flow of wealth and prosperity in the world, and is often invoked by traders, merchants, and business people who seek her blessings for their ventures. She is also associated with fertility, as wealth and prosperity are seen as a sign of abundance and fertility in the Yoruba culture.

In Yoruba mythology, Ajé is often depicted as a powerful and independent deity who is not subservient to any other deity. She is sometimes portrayed as a fierce warrior, and is also associated with the sea and the ocean.


The worship of Ajé is still practiced in many parts of Nigeria and other parts of the world where the Yoruba culture is present. Offerings of food, drink, and other items are often made to the deity in exchange for her blessings of wealth and prosperity.

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